C/ Convento Santa Clara 6,

Valencia, 46002  |  +34 607 420 872

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How to Self check in?

Based on multiple requests from our guests to simplify the check in process and to remove arrival time limits we are now offering a self check in option. If you are arriving at any time past 16.00, below is the instruction on how to get to your room.  

Step 1: Provide your ID

Following EU and Spanish law we are obliged to collect valid ID from all our guests over the age of 18. For you to be able to proceed with check in, you will have to provide this information. 

Open app store on your smartphone. Find and download "Check-In Scan" app (works for android and apple). Open the app and click "I want to check in". Scan the barcode and follow the instruction.


The app is fully compliant with current privacy laws and regulations about ID retention for guests in Spain. All guests over the age of 18 need to provide their ID!

Once we receive the information about your IDs being submitted, you will receive the code to collect the keys. 


The app scans the "barcode" of passports and ID cards, you will find it at the bottom of the passport or on the reverse side of an ID card. Looks like this 

If your ID does not have such a code, like Italian book like cards, you will need to enter information manually, the app has this option. 

If you don't have a smartphone, please send photo fo your ID to our email checkin@funandsun.estate

Step 2: Find your room

We are located as C/ Convento Santa Clara 6, you will need to find a building that looks like in the photo. 

  • If the gates are open go straight to 2nd floor. 

  • If the gates are closed the key is on top of the bells on your right hand side. (Please leave it there after opening the door) 


To receive room number and door code we need your IDs submitted.

  • If you did that earlier you should have this information in your email by now. 

  • If you haven't checked in yet, now is the time to do so. 

Troubleshooting and warnings

If you remove outside key, we will have to charge you for the time needed to arrive to the property and replace the missing keys at 50 euro / hour

If key is missing enter the building with any of the neighbours passing by, also please call us on +34.607.420.872

  • Set of keys you need to move around are in your room

  • Wifi password is on the sign on the desk or bedside table. 

  • Kitchen is located in the middle of the property, usually it's the one with the open door. 

  • Bathroom is at the end of the hall. 

  • Please remember that kitchen and bathroom are shared spaces so please clean up after yourselves. 

Enjoy your stay !